¿Ya se fueron?

No se.

You asked me this as you were sitting on your bed. You knew what you were doing was wrong, but you did not give a fuck. I was looking through the window of my room out into the street.

Sí, Tío, ya se fueron.

How could I have helped you?

Vente al baño de tus padres.

How the fuck could you think of doing this to me? You were my mother’s brother. Family doesn’t do this.

A ver, baja tus pantalones.

Now I imagine the pants of my son who is seven years old. Small and short. Innocent. Did you not think I was innocent?

Ahora tus calsones. Subete aquí arriba del sink con tu pansa abajo.

Every time I washed my hands in that sink, I thought of what you did to me. You have haunted me for decades. Why the fuck would you do that to me, you sick fuck? That bathroom smells like shit now because of the health problems of my father. Did my ass smell like shit?

¡Me duele, tío, me duele mucho!


And it was over. You violated me before and after. But cállate is something that, you, Uncle, seared into me for years. With the help of my mother. Shut up.