A Little Girl Asked, “Do you have a pet?”

Do you have a pet? She said. I have pet rabbit her name is Emily. She is a stuffed rabbit and she on holidays right now with her cat friend. So Fiona my friend’s cat is keeping me company. Why is it a stuffed rabbit and not a real pet? She asked. Emily helps me write stories for my boys, I told her. I write rabbit stories for them until I can see them. I wrote Dad and Rabbit Go to Chinatown and Dad and Rabbit Go to Work.

Can you tell me a rabbit story? She said. So we sat down on the steps. I showed her how to make a rabbit with her fingers and tried to think of a rabbit story…. then I began:

Once there was white rabbit. It was a famous rabbit, because it appeared in all the magic shows. He became so full of himself that he insisted that all magic show rabbits must be white. All the other rabbits looked at each other and wondered what went wrong with white rabbit. There were speckled, brown, black rabbits, too many kinds to keep track of them all.

The white rabbit made all sorts of proclamations at his magic shows. But all the other rabbits said hello to each other, kept on being good neighbors to each other and enjoying life. The fact that all the other rabbits got along and seemed happy bothered white rabbit.

It also bothered him that people were not going to is magic shows or listening to him anymore. So he would shout louder, louder and louder. He was so angry that each time he shouted he changed color. At first he was a little yellow, then he became orange. As his shouts became screams he turned red.

Now all the other rabbits had never seen a red rabbit. Certainly they thought that has to be magic. They all agreed and called him magic rabbit. Magic rabbit! They all said together. He shouted at them, I am White! White! White! Now he was glowing red. All the other rabbits looked at him, then clapped, great magic rabbit! They said, then they all went home.

Her mother called her. I have to go home she said. Me too! Have a good day! Buongiorno!