My Madonna

My Madonna is St. Veronica. She is the Madonna of photographers, she stands for truth. Truth is a scarce commodity in my current journey and in my life for many years. Although, sometimes it hurts, I always welcome it and take it to heart. I don’t fear it and are thankful when it enters my life.

In this crusade to be life giving one must remain open to life and hope. Have faith and give everyone the benefit of the doubt. No doubt I will make mistakes, trust the wrong people, miss-interpret or allow my needs to supersede the needs of others. It saddens me to fail and cause distress to others.

I wish I had the perfect formula for being life giving. As I am learning, there is not one and for each of us it is likely to be different. I can only offer tips, they are: welcome the truth, don't let fear live in your heart, follow your passion, learn to trust that you can be resilient, stay in the present and do what you can do.

In a crusade like this one you also need friends. My friends are my faith and icons. I have peace, tranquility, strength icons (a totem of sorts) and my Madonna. If my Madonna was real I would ask for her blessing and scarf to carry with me into battle. In exchange I would promise my undying loyalty. Find your friends who can inspire you. They will help you when you fall or fail. Both real and imagined friends

If you embark in your own crusade to be life giving know two things, you can’t buy self control, even if you have more money then seconds in your life or have all the power in the world. Self-control is something you have to practice and develop. Second, when you fall of the life-giving high-wire know and trust that you can pick yourself up and get back on.

Finally, don't let your public persona lead your life. Stay centered on who you are. Live from the inside out.

Carlos Gasca Yanez

Be life giving!

Canada, USA, Mexico