The Life I Did Not Live

Today by all standards was a boring day. Run errands, return things I did not need, get my pants fixed properly, since I suck at sewing, pay the down bills that I could. The highlight was doing something nice for someone that does a lot of good things for others. Other than that nothing extraordinary.

Peoples reactions to seeing me, however, were extraordinary, which I attribute to the drama in the soap which I call “The Life I Did Not Live” starring not the real me.

I stopped at our local bar for my usual tequila and beer, which I had not done in a while. A young guy across from me gives me a stare and mumbles MF.

Really, you are upset at me and I don’t know you from Adam. Please tell me how I made you so mad, LOL. Show me that bit that you watched that caused your offense. Unless of course what made you upset is what I write. Then we may have legit argument.

Yes, I think discrimination is not life giving. My signature in my email says, be life giving. It is the hardest thing I have ever chosen to do.

So, if you are going to MF me, then tell me why. At least be honest and up front about your feelings. Show me how you come to know how I spend my day.

But if what upset you is that I don’t think it is okay to incarcerate young black men for selling weed, while investors plan cannabis investment funds in the eventuality of its legalization, then that is your problem not mine. As far as I know, according to my stats only 3 people follow me and less than six read what I write. So, I am off in my little world.

To be clear I don’t want young men to deal drugs or smoke weed. I want them to learn, so they can be strong and have a promising future that changes their lives and that of their community. If enticing them to the adventure of learning and self-determination starts with something they are interested in, like weed, that is where we start. I trust that they will find a better more productive way to earn a living.

If you have an opinion of how I should live my life, or spend the little money that I do have, let me know how you come to have such opinion. I would find it helpful.

Of course the young man at bar was not the only one or the only time. Yesterday, a man stopped to take a picture of me, while I crossed unto the Rankin bridge. He looked familiar, but I did not care. Why is he taking my picture? Because I have an opinion that is different than his? Or maybe he is fan? I don’t know.

I try to focus on the present moment, do what I can do. Last I heard it was okay to have a different opinions in America, you know free speech and all. But then again I don’t watch the news, maybe that has changed.

To the young brother that rode in my cab. If what I wrote got you in trouble, I am sorry. I did not know that many people read what I write. But listen if you tell a girl that you are loyal to her, you should be. It is not cool to do otherwise.

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