Hi there! I’m a Singaporean girl who lives in Beijing, and I totally know what you mean about the…
Rett Marie

As a ‘loser back home’ with a masters degree, over 187cm tall and broad shouldered and pretty yummy, I have never had 25 girls clamouring around me wanting to rip my socks off in the three years I was living in China.

I had a total of one girlfriend (who happened to be Chinese), whom I loved very much.

The truth is, most Chinese women wouldn't dream about dating a foreigner, it is only a minority of Chinese women who would date a foreigner, that is still enough for every expat in China to get a suitable partner.

So, all it is, is a numbers game, if the expat woman in question would just date the local men (like you suggested) she would find someone suitable, instead of staying in, watching her ‘Friends’ DVD collection whilst gnashing her teeth about how unfair the world is.

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