Ease of Mind

I have always been impatient, always feeling stressed and unwell.

I have had many hobbies and done a wide range of activities, from playing tennis to going to military school. None of them had helped me be at ease.

Since I have been playing instruments and singing since I was a child, but I had never recorded a song or played in a concert. Until I leant how fun it all was. I played in a couple of concerts because a friend invited me to. And I loved it. Then, a friend invited me to a class of music production and I learned how to compose and edit songs. That is when I realized that making music was exponentially better than just hearing music, because you don’t only feel the message the artist wants to communicate, you make the message.

Music can make people feel anything. From sadness to happiness.

Music can make anyone feel motivated. (Don’t believe me? watch any motivational or viral video and mute the sound and see if you get the same feeling. Ok?)

Music can do anything, and making it yourself makes you feel like anything is possible. You can make people happy by sharing 3 minutes of your work.

If you want to be relaxed I recommed a band from Monterrey named Clubz, they have a relaxing pop theme thats named Bubblegum Rock. You can finf them at https://soundcloud.com/clubz.

Some of my happiness tools
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