Effectively Pitching

To elevate your successful presentation, you need to have your 1,3, and 5 minute pitch ready. To do this you will need my not so pattented PitchPlaningHelperFree (do not copy).

With the one minute pitch, you should be able to communicate what the product/project is and what it is not.

The one minute pitch is also called the “Elevator Pitch” because the idea is that you and your target/client get into the same elevator and you have less than a minute to get their attention and persuade him/her to talk some more. (Forbes.com, Lois Geller)

The three minute pitch is a bit more complex, but with the right knowledge it can be way stronger than the elevator pitch. This pitch canvas is a really good help with this one

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Lastly, the 5 minute pitch is the most complete one, and it should include the vision, how does your idea fit in the world? Present it with facts and be passionate of your project. Nothing helps more than communicating with emotions through the way you talk.

The outline should be:

Headline, the purpose (problem), solution, the why (facts), the problem (again), competition, differentiation, and your team.

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