How to present it

Presentations present (Genius) a problem and a solution to it. A good presentation should be like a roller coaster (Ha, I’m getting better at this, metaphores and stuff), it needs to have its up and downs.

You need to keep your target audience focused at all times, if you loose their attention once, you lost it for the entire time. We see this method at its peak point at every Apple event. They make us feel like we need to hear them out and follow them. Imagine how a presentation about a real problem by them would be like. Millions would be moved. We need to learn from the way they present their ideas and mold it in our own personal way.

Use language people can easily understand, use any method to get your project to be understood by anyone, make it fun, present shocking statistics (they do need to be real, you moron)

The first and the final part need to be the strongest. The first part to captivate the targets attention and the final part is the Call to Action, you need to make people feel motivated and a part of something bigger.

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