Olympic Gold Guilt
Danny Cerezo

Well, I think you are a fool! Didn’t you know that Puerto Rico’s biggest city is New York? That Puerto Ricans born in Luquillo are called Luquillences and Puerto Ricans born in New York are called Niuyorricans, or anywhere else in the world are called Neo Ricans. So what does it matter if you have some customs that may be a little different from those of us from Luquillo, or an accent, you are still a Puerto Rican! Unless you prefer not to be one, then it is your choice, your prerogative. Also, a Boricua is a person who loves Puerto Rico no matter where he or she was born, even if they do not have Puerto Rican blood, like your Italian wife, she is boricua (Ya know, my great grand mother came to PUR from the Canary islands, she was from Italy, from the Diana clan, my son was born in Colorado while I was serving in the Army, he is half Korean and my daughter was born in Fajardo). She can say “Yo soy Boricua, pa que tu lo sepas!”, (like Tony Croatto did) while holding an Italian flag in her hand. So, the next time someone tells you, or tells anyone from the diáspora, you are not one of us, you come and get us and we will fix his/her face, OK! And, scratch that fool part on the first sentence. Eres boricua aunque nacieras en la luna, and don’t let anyone tell you different, that is how we all feel.

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