Enabling The Millennial Asian Americans with Snacks :)

When I first moved away from San Francisco, which has a big population of Asian Americans, I didn’t realize how much I would miss having quality Asian produce, restaurants, and snacks. When I had a bad cough or sore throat, I missed the Honey & Loquat Syrup, which would generally get you back up and running in no-time — love this stuff, highly recommended. If I wanted to make sushi, it was quite a feat to find quality short grain rice, rice vinegar, and great cuts of fish — it might have been better for me to try fishing it out of the Potomac River.

It was a pain to find just a few of your favorite Asian things in Washington, D.C. To do so, my roommates and I would have to rent a car and drive into Maryland or Virginia to go to the local stores to pick up all the stuff we wanted. This would probably cost us at minimum $40 dollars and a few hours of time to get what we wanted, now try doing that with a full-time job.

I didn’t realize it became more of a geographic issue untill I heard it resonate with more fellow Asian Americans. For example, my aunt who moved to a suburban town of Minnesota and friends who went to schools that weren’t in major cities or on either U.S. coast all faced the same conundrum.

My friends and I have started to embark on a journey to solve this problem and we have created a solution. We can already get you filled up with Pocky, Moon Cakes, Ramen, and tons of other popular snacks and will be expanding our inventory every week and with your feedback.

We’ve recently launched AZN, a store for all your asian snacks and nicknacks.

Check us out on the iOS App Store (let us know if you have any ideas, more updates to come!) — we’re also working on cart functionality for web & android. We’re here to empathize with Asian heritage! We’re working on getting all Asian snacks first, and we want to hear any feedback. What more can we do for you!

p.s. Free Shipping on orders of $25.00+ on iOS and if you’re in San Francisco we’ll hand-deliver some of the orders. :)

My email: Carlos Cheung <Carlos@aznapp.com>

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