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Desmond Kam
3 min readJan 31, 2017

The front end developer 2017 held in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City with Senior front end developer: Trần Trọng Thanh.

Trần specialist on javascript more than 5 years experiences on front end architect. We are spending more than 3 hours on 72 slides presentation about the trends of Front end in 2017.

Topic selected most important:

1. 80/20

Role in learning front end: 80% daily work_ 20% knowledge of front end, 80% of new JS framework can be understood well with 20% JS develop

2. Progressive enhancement:

If you are front end developer but don’t know about progressive enhancement?

1. Utilize the browser, experience can be different with each content.

2. Responsive Web design, CSS media approach , Touch friendly UI, Load fast( <1s)

3. User experience > Developer experience ( timeline & budget problem, validation (client side)

Progressive enhancement full video:


3. Tooling (Sketch app)

Sketch app demo:

4. Workflow

Adopt a code style: Google, AirBnb, Nau, your own dotfiles, eslint: airbnb, naudotfiles, stylelint: airbnb, naudotfiles, editorconfig, webpack: file bundler and loader, Automation: gulp, npm scripts + bash scripts, Gitflow: source control workflow

“All code in any code-base should look like a single person typed it, no matter how many people contributed.”

5. Roadmap to Senior Front End Developer

1)Learn the baseline

2) Learn the modular approaches of JS

3) Learn JS frameworks

4) Learn how to optimize Front End

5) Learn how to unit test

6) Learn how to write your own workflow and conventions

7) Learn how to profile and debug performance issues

8) Learn CSS architecture and methodology

9) Learn full Front End project architect

10) Learn hybrid mobile app

11) Learn NodeJS

12) Learn back-end JS

6. Follow Javascript master

7. Front End Trend 2017

  1. Universal JavaScript Applications
  2. Functional programming with JS
  3. Declarative programming
  4. Unidirectional data flow architecture*
  5. Progressive Web App
  6. RAIL performance model


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