How do I publish this anonymously?

TL;DR; Face any fear immediately and tell yourself you’ll dedicate just 5 minutes to get started on any endeavor.

I’ve been telling myself to write but I feel self conscious about my writing, so what ends up happening is that I write nothing, rather than this being a learning experiment, a work in progress, etc., it’s nothing, just a dream, an idea, forgotten, like so many others… so I’m going to use a couple ideas that I read recently. First, facing whatever is making you anxious will diminish said anxiety quicker than escaping it (or at least with many things, maybe not everything, or immediately, but to some extent), secondly, some things may feel overwhelming, especially when you’re somewhat of a perfectionist, when you want to feel comfortable with all you do… yeah no wonder I haven’t written anything (ok, I have in small stints, definitely not like my ideas of “cool” writing suggest), to avoid this feeling, give it just 5 minutes, every day or often, and just that small start will catalyze and trigger a whole sequence of events which could go really far (!! dreams ♥).

This is it for today.