Subscription Psycho : Analysis Of The Subscription Economy & Its Bad Actors

I agree. However, being the kind of person that I am, when I hear a complaint or criticism, I like to hear a possible solution, otherwise it doesn’t compel. In regards to software pirating, what would be the alternative for a company like Adobe. I would imagine they went through the same changes the music industry went through with the proliferation of internet users. It’s funny, because, how did they solve that problem? Subscription services! I wouldn’t say that it’s ideal, but it did strike back against pirating and succeeded. I’d like to hear a better solution, Adobe employees, et al, have to feed themselves, wouldn’t you agree? Do you think competitive alternatives would take a different route? How long would they last as a company before pirating put them out of business? People are voting with their wallets, nonetheless. Anyhow, I appreciate the article at hand, it’s thought provoking and a great launching point for a debate.

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