How about if a baseball player shouts “God Damn you!”
Jack Bennett

Let’s say for example you’re Christian. I don’t know if you are, but just using this as an example since you used God and Jesus Christ . And let’s say that you grew up Christian in a place where Christianity was not the predominant religion. So every day the non Christians called you a word that you understood as insulting. Let’s say it’s “crosslover.” Every day you heard someone yelling at you, calling you a crosslover and laughing. In that same time span the term crosslover is used by others to insult a non Christian. It’s awful, it essentially means you are a pathetic person. So you’ve heard this term all your life, it’s used to demean you and it’s used to demean people not like you.

Step into a gay man’s shoes, even if only for a second. I’m not suggesting that “Jesus Christ!” not be considered offensive. But let’s be realistic. You know it’s not. You know the word Pillar used is offensive to gay men. Why are you challenging this?