I think the key thing raised in Kel’s post is not that the gesture to open the door is unwelcome…
Melinda Stanners

People are making lot of different assumptions on Kel’s words and this is probably positive, but only if each one of us acept that words are just that. The real importance is on the actions and those are reflections of what you think of course, but mostly of what you are, and we are a mixture of wath we learn (tremendous diferencies were), what we see (society and cultural influence) and finally what we think that people would like us to do, because of the enormous need of acceptance we have. So we are different from each other and as I said before we are different in different times and days off our lives.

All this means that we should tell and do what we feel, and let the world around us react to that. Sometimes things are going to be as I want, sometimes don’t, and sometimes… Better than I was thinking.

Some time ago I was going to a job interview and I was received by a woman (she was the CEO and I didn’t know that) that walk with me through the building, opening all the doors for me, after my second “Tank you” she smile and said “No problem, this is my house”. So many assumptions could be made on that situation. She was a woman, with power, possible future boss, possibly testing me…

the real fact was that, she was the only one of us wo knew where we go ☺

(she is my boss till now)