Man Sentenced For Assaulting Woman Who Didn’t Thank Him For Holding Door Open
Kel Campbell

This is the other side of Michelle Stone story from your other post, Kelly. The pregnant woman reacts violently to the Michelle’s husband gesture of give here is seat in the bus. We should not only point the ugly gestures and actions that some people do (to mutch of course) but talk about the true kindness and respect we all see in our day (I see plenty of those with me, my wife, my daughters and my colleges). I choose to say, thank you, wen someone do something for me, because is intentions don’t matter only is actions, I am not responsible for what the other thinks or want, and if their actions are reproval there are laws to protect that. I can only decide what I think and what I do, and that defines me. And if in the end of the day I see a lot of people acting in a way that I think is rong maybe to see if I can do something about that because I don’t think that is normal.