Carlos Miranda Levy

Mar 9, 2019

4 min read

Let’s Innovate… together!

There always seems to be someone talking about innovation, not just nowadays, but also before, since ancient times and I imagine that it will also be the case in the forever unpredictable times to come too.

the appeal of innovation

Left and right, near and far, we hear those who claim to be innovating or that it is important to innovate, even when their vision of innovation is a regression to the past or a repetition of things long expired with a new label.

For innovation evokes a path forward for all. A path of enabling opportunities to create and join a better, promising and different future for new generations and players. And a new scenario of risks and threats to established actors who ignore it or refuse to adapt to it.

It is the rallying call of new generations, new players and those struggling and willing to adapt and survive the perennial renewal and evolution of natural, social and economic processes and relations. Caught in the middle, or the side, everyone is sooner or later impacted and no one is left untouched by it.

a simplified dynamic perspective of innovation

Innovation is not a technology, a technique, an invention, an object, a concept, or even an action. Described as any of those things or a group of any of them, innovating is a mobile, elusive, subjective target, and in particular, one difficult to analyze and build upon in a sustainable, relevant, transcendental and impactful way.

From such perspectives, what was once innovation, today is archaic and obsolete. In a matter of decades, years and even months.

That is why we prefer to talk about innovation as a dynamic, fluid phenomenon in relation to its context and the direct and indirect impact it generates in its immediate and distant environment.

Innovation can be a different way of doing things or of organizing, of thinking, of interacting, of conceiving, of procuring, of producing, of transacting, of transmitting. Not necessarily new, but different from its context and with direct and / or indirect impact on its immediate and distant environment.

Innovating is a changing and fluid philosophy and vision, a style that adapts and is constantly revised, that, worth the redundancy, is renewed at every moment.

From this perspective, what matters is its relationship with its context and its impact on its immediate and remote environment.

about innov

And it is from this perspective that we started our Innov participatory and shared initiative:

  • to identify and describe the innovation challenges we face in each of our sectors;
  • to enable mechanisms:
    - to discuss and
    - to collaboratively build solutions and paths to overcome those challenges;
  • to redefine of our society as a fertile environment that adapts to the service of its members and improves their conditions and opportunities of life, impact and value through plural, inclusive and participatory options.

innov was born from multiple requirements and consultations received by our team from decision makers and from the lively and interesting discussions in the WhatsApp chat group “Intimate Planet | Startup G”. It was precisely the rich discussions among professionals and innovators of intense practice that moved us to create a space in which expert, practical and plural opinions could be documented, shared and debated and solutions suggested, created and validated.

our innov strategy

innov is designed around a solid technical foundation and structured with a clear participatory methodology and complementary processes to ensure its relevance and impact.

As a starting point, we have invited a group of actors linked to innovation to share their vision, perception and experience through a well thought and structured interview that serves as a seed to motivate an open debate and show the path for working proposals.

The result is a transversal and in-depth look at innovation by sector, described by its own protagonists and actors. By aggregating and deconstructing the interviews, we generate lists of the challenges, opportunities and recommendations by sector.

These interviews are followed by an ideation platform where each of the challenges identified by the stakeholders in each sector is listed and open to the creation of collaborative solutions. Finally, the best among those solutions receive dedicated support and mentoring, are presented to partners and decision makers and enter a crowdfunding platform to raise funds and bring them to reality.

We invite everyone to participate, to share, to comment, to create together value and impact.

Carlos Miranda Levy
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