The overwhelming feeling of a blank page

I have always had a hard time to express myself through words. The blank page has always given me a feeling of not knowing where to start or end, especially since English is not my first language. But during my masters once, one advisor told me this:

“Just start writing something, it doesn’t have to be perfect the first time. It’s just like when you draw one of your designs. You don’t start drawing the final design, you start with a line, then another, and so on”.

So that’s why I have decided to start writing for a few reasons:
- I’m always looking for new tools, technology and random stuff that I always like to share. This medium would be a good chance to share stuff about the things that I like, such as design, technology, photography, design thinking, movies, and whatnot. 
- To keep improving my English skills, it’s always good to keep practicing.

Like everything in life, you need to set up your goals and respect your deadline. Otherwise, you will forget and never come back to finish your project. My goal is to start writing at least one blog post per week and keep track of how long does it take me to write the first one and see how I’m doing in the following posts. Hopefully, over the next blog posts, my writing time will diminish, and my writing improve. So far this post it has taken me about an hour. I keep going back and editing ideas.

Photo by Ales Krivec

So, my first share with the world is Time tracking using Toggl!
I have recently come across this tool that has helped me a lot to keep track of the time that I use while doing a task or project. It not only has shown me the actual time that I spend working on one idea but also, it has given me insights of the time that I need to dedicate to particular tasks during a project. Depending on the project, even if it’s the same assignment, it can vary based on multiple factors.

e.j. Receiving new ideas. The first meeting with a potential customer, it can push your gathering if it’s more than one client at the time. They can start exchanging ideas among themselves because the exposure to a new external stimulus (you), gives them ideas or they get excited for the fresh direction that you might propose.

You never want to miscalculate the time that you charge to a client because on the long run not only you will start losing money, but also time to pursue new exciting opportunities or projects.

Thank you so much for reading, and if you have ideas, suggestions or complaints about the writing, please let me know! It’s always great to have feedback.

I hope to see you around next time!


PS. This post took me 1.39 minutes :)