Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn (my choice for 2017 game of the year)

I love playing games and the older I get the less time I have to play them so I tend to stick to games with a story-focused narrative as opposed to arena games like Fortnite or PUBG. Besides appealing to my adventurous side, my wife, who is not a gamer, actually enjoys watching and experiencing the story as I play- this tends to create a more harmonious household. She recently brought up an observation, noting that it seemed that a lot of the games I’ve recently played have great women as protagonists. …

February 9, 2017 Google Doodle

I’m not a big fan of watching sports on TV, I don’t hate sports but I find no entertainment value of watching it or hearing about it in the news.

With that little bit of info you can correctly assume that the 24/7 media barrage of Olympics coverage does nothing for me.

I found an escape with the internet but over the years the coverage has invaded every aspect of it as well. Google has a total of 14 doodles planned and when one of your favourite web culture magazines report on ski wax for gold you know there’s no…

The Tide Pod Challenge has been all over the news over the last few weeks.

Quick recap: Individuals decided to challenge themselves to eat those delicious looking Tide Pods and obviously video record it for all to see on YouTube. As can be expected this caused an uproar from anybody with half a brain and has been covered by almost every single media outlet at this point.

YouTube quickly shut down all videos featuring Tide Pod challenges within a week which isn’t surprising since I can imagine P&G put the pressure where it counts.

This said I was curious to…

As we all know Facebook has serious Snapchat envy which means (IMO) that instead of focussing on what the audience wants its forcing features that nobody (I) didn’t ask for or want from a messenger app.

One of those is Facebook Stories which has caused its Messenger app to look like crap (again in my opion).

I’ve been able to clear things up with this little trick to remove stories from the top of the Messenger app feed.

Here’s the way to do it.

Every time you see a story appear on the top of Messenger just hard/long press on…

Ageism is Getting Old

Ron Howard’s 3rd movie based on the Dan Brown series is Inferno which is adapted from Dan Brown’s book. After watching the just released trailer I noticed Felicity Jones is Tom Hank’s new disposable woman co-star and took it upon myself to compare Tom’s disposable women co-stars over the 3 films.

Da Vinci Code released in 2006

  • Tom Hanks (Born 1956) aged 50
  • Audrey Tautou (born 1976) aged 30

Angels and Deamons released 2008

  • Tom Hanks (Born 1956) aged 52
  • Ayelet Zurer (Born 1969) aged 39

Inferno released 2016

  • Tom Hanks (Born 1956) aged 60
  • Felicity Jones (Born 1983) aged 33

Nothing surprising for Hollywood, women are interchangable and under 40.

As a 40+ year old man who’s grown up with this type of ageism in Hollywood it feels strangely normal…but its not.

This type of man fantasy is getting old.

Its Sunday night, I’m relaxing and winding down in front of the TV but instead of watching Netflix or Shomi on my Apple TV I went for the YouTube and got caught up with Casey for almost an hour.

Catching up with Casey

I’ve been an avid fan of Casey Neistat as a filmaker since his Nike Make It Count video but I’ve become addicted to his channel since he started vlogging.

My perspective may be unique because I work and make a living managing and building YouTube channels. If you think this is just a ‘millenial’ thing, it’s not. …

Carlos Pacheco

YouTube growth, marketing and content strategy. Part of the #AgencyLife PTSD support group. Enjoys trolling Linkedin networkers, has serious eSports FOMO.

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