When YouTube is your TV

Its Sunday night, I’m relaxing and winding down in front of the TV but instead of watching Netflix or Shomi on my Apple TV I went for the YouTube and got caught up with Casey for almost an hour.

Catching up with Casey

I’ve been an avid fan of Casey Neistat as a filmaker since his Nike Make It Count video but I’ve become addicted to his channel since he started vlogging.

My perspective may be unique because I work and make a living managing and building YouTube channels. If you think this is just a ‘millenial’ thing, it’s not. We’re Gen X’ers in our 40’s who haven’t had cable for over 5 years.

Instead of tuning into a new TV series or movie, I sat down and watched YouTube on my television and I was captivated, more than most of the television content I watch.

I’m usually on my phone multi-screening, not paying attention to whats happening on whatever episode of Outlander/Making a Murderer we’re at…much to my partner’s annoyance.

I’m more engaged when I watch a vlogger like Casey because I feel like I’m part of his story. It’s real because he talks to me, he knows the audience is what’s driving his storytelling and constantly acknowledges it.

The more that people interact with YouTube the less satisfiying TV’s serialized storytelling is going to be.

Just like video on demand has taken over scheduled programming, personal and authentic stories will grow in demand from andience who is looking for relatable and engaging stories (in place of purely passive viewing).