Cryptoassets: A True Story
Carlos E. Naupari

I am bit hesitant regardless. You see, whereas you acquired vast technical financial experience in banking, I spent 16 years in military operations. I have been following the battle between the army of conventional banking vs the disruptive cryptofinancial sector for a while. Unfortunately the one disadvantage that cryptocurrency has is that it is anonymous, cryptographic in transactions and that has already been tied to illicit activities. Once the legislative entities that be determine that it is a threat to our global banking enterprise, they will work alongside ISP’s, politicians and government organizations to limit the bandwith for bitmining. South Korea and Romania, which have some of the fastest internet speeds in the world are cracking down on cryptocurrency and strategic psychological operations will divide the public opinion. After a few stories about crypto being used by terrorists are disseminated, I feel that it might feel the same fate as other noble disruptive technologies.

By the way, we are distant cousins ;)

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