HoursTracker 4.1

New features. More smarts.

This update focuses on new features that make time tracking ever more effortless. Features like Automatic Breaks, so you don’t need to enter the same breaks every day. Copy Time Entry, which makes it easy to create similar time entries in just a few taps. Clock In Reminders, so you don’t need to remember to clock in every work day. And Hours This Week, which helps you see the big picture of your work week.

These are just some of the new features added in this update. Check out the details below for more!

iOS 10, watchOS 3

Since the last HoursTracker update, iOS 10 and watchOS 3 were released. HoursTracker works fine on them, sure, but now it takes advantage of new APIs to provide an even better experience. A rethinking of the 3D Touch Quick Actions, now focused on clocking in, out, or taking a break. The Apple Watch App is now more responsive and dock-ready, and the complication updates more consistently. The Widget is redesigned.

HoursTracker 4.1 is available today for iOS 8 and up.

Automatic Breaks

You can add preset breaks for each of your jobs. Preset breaks are used to automatically start and end breaks while you are on the clock and when creating time entries manually.

While clocked in, you’ll get a notification when a preset break starts and ends. When you clock out, those breaks are automatically recorded with your time entries.

Preset breaks are also automatically applied when you record a time entry manually. If the time entry’s start/end times span one or more of your preset breaks, they’ll be added automatically.

As always, with HoursTracker you are in complete control. You can easily edit or remove the preset breaks from your time entries. And if you are already recording a break yourself, your automatic breaks will not interfere.

Clock In Reminders

Set up which days of the week you want to be reminded, and what time you expect to have clocked in by. Then, on each of those days you’ll get a notification if you’ve not tracked any time yet for that day.

If you’re working the same job each day, you can even clock in directly from the Clock In Reminder, without opening the app. Just swipe or press the notification and use the action buttons.

Hours Per Week

HoursTracker will now show you how many hours you’ve booked this week while you are clocked in. This includes the pending time on the clock, just like the “hours today” that were displayed before.

You can also set up a Clock Out Reminder based on the number of hours per week you expect to work. So, if you want to work a 40 hour week, you’ll get a notification as you approach your goal. A progress bar helps you visualize how many hours remain in your week.

Smarter New Time Entry Screen

When adding a time entry manually, HoursTracker will now use your past time entries to present more helpful start/end defaults. This will cut down on the amount of time you spend choosing start/end times for new time entries if your time entries are usually similar.

Copy From Last Job

HoursTracker already has a copy job function: You can swipe a job left in the jobs list and tap the Copy button to create a new job that looks just like that one.

To help save even more time when creating jobs, there’s a new button on the New Job screen that automatically copies from the last job. So you don’t have to remember which was the most recent, or scroll to it, or even remember to use the Copy function. Just tap the New Job button, and then tap the Copy button at the top.

Copy Time Entry

Just like copying jobs, you can now swipe left on a time entry and tap Copy. This will automatically create a new time entry that looks just like that existing entry, but one day later.

Use the +/– buttons at the top to move the entry forwards or backwards any number of days. If you wanted to add a week’s worth of time entries that are all the same, now you can do it in just ten taps, even if each time entry has breaks, tips, or other adjustments!

Copy From Last Entry

Just like with Copy Job, sometimes you want to copy the last time entry without having to go and find it. Copy From Last Entry will copy all the values from the latest time entry. If the job you’re adding a time entry to has no prior time entries, then it will copy the latest time entry from any other job. This is great if you’re often creating similar time entries under newly-created jobs, for example if you often spend your days consulting with new clients.

Apple Watch Refresh

The Apple Watch app design has been refreshed for watchOS 3, featuring a glance-friendly detail view perfect for the Dock. And after a few hours of being clocked out, most of the complications change to launcher icons. Because nobody wants to see “Off the Clock” on their watch face all weekend, right?

New 3D Touch Quick Actions

Now that iOS 10 shows the app widget above the 3D Touch Quick Actions, the quick actions don’t need to help you remember which jobs you are clocked in for and when. The widget does that much more effectively. With that in mind, the actions have been redesigned to help you clock in and out, and start and stop breaks or pauses for recently-active jobs. Tap the action you want, confirm or adjust the time and you’re done.

Change App Icon

Those who don’t like the “stopwatch and piggy bank” app icon can now choose to use a new simpler “just stopwatch” icon similar to the one used for Apple Watch. This requires iOS 10 and won’t hurt my feelings.

iOS 10 Widget

The Widget is redesigned for iOS 10, including support for collapsed and expanded views.

Bugs and design tweaks

Thanks to everyone who reported bugs since the last update. You’ll find those are all fixed now! There’s also been quite a few smaller improvements throughout the app. For example, each HoursTracker notification now has its own unique sound. No more generic system sounds for your time tracking notifications. Also, if you look closely you’ll notice little visual tweaks, including a personal favorite: small-caps AM/PM.