Connecting dots 2015

This story’s intention is to compile my thoughts and anecdotes about the days that just passed in a way that I couldn’t have done any other moment…

I believe that the end of year is a strange period, especially because we change our routines in order to have a good moment. Feelings such as love, nostalgia, pride are mixed with rituals that depend on religious or philosophical paradigms that follow our spirit. Also, we check out our goals and dreams and look where we are at to achieve them.

In my case, I don’t have many goals established but I do have a North. This focus changes my priorities according to how things go along. This works for me due to the randomness of life.

¿ Where is my North ?

“ … to create a technological product that impacts human beings around the world by focusing on a specific context … ”

¿ How am I using it ?

More than a year ago I detected a great need in something that I’m passionate about: to organize Meetups. When organizing these meetings, two things are always needed: a sponsor that provides the location where the Meetups will take place and a food sponsor who provides money for the food needed while networking. As I observed this, I aligned my hobbie to my North and I started to sketch what my Startup SponzorME would look like.

At the beginning, I wanted SponzorME to be enormous:

“ A platform that would sponsor any cause”

But, there were many things about the sponsoring world that I didn’t understand and so I needed to look into the technological challenges (From the money cost side) and then explore a bit more the idea of an original change.

“A platform that connects events with sponsors anywhere.”

Apart from this, I faced several responsibilities with my company ADMINNOVA that didn’t allow me to focus, which, at some point would become unmanageable. Due to this, I had to make a choice among the two of them.

I many things to decide on, so, I traveled in order to clear my thoughts. I started in the geographical point where I thought I could learn about producing the best technological products: San Francisco; that’s another story you can see in my channel Life in the Valley.

After finishing my time in San Francisco, I knew which my path to follow was, but, as a Co-Founder, it is not easy to jump from one thing to another (if you try to be as responsible as it is possible). So, I decided to return to Colombia and leave everything set to resign and leave everything in my Partner’s hands. In addition, I wanted to go back to my city Cali and meet up with my family (Homesickness).

“Conectamos Eventos y Patrocinadores””

When organizing my trip back, a friend living in Mexico City invited me to stay as long as I wanted so, since I was close by, I changed my plans (randomness of life) and I traveled to Mexico.


Mexico City is a good city, especially for my new plans. There are many communities and they offer many monthly events. So, I started doing what I like best; I started to speak to event organizers and sponsors from the area and I polishing the new focus SponzorMe should have. In addition, I had lots of fun with the people I meet here in Mexico… Guey!

Without planning it, I stayed three months (thanks to Jhon Cortes<B) which provide me great vision of the country’s ecosystem as well as its Startups.

Afterwards, my trip continued to the place where I was born: Colombia!!! Parce!!!

When I arrived here, I felt strange because of all the time I spent away and I felt that the person that left was not the same one that was coming back.


Something that surprised me a lot was the growth the Development communities had. Amount of events and number of attendees increased which allowed me to attend at least to one meeting per week. This was very exciting for me since these meeting stimulate our surrounding’s development.

During my trip to San Francisco, I learned how to use Ionic (a way to create mobile apps using WEB knowledge), so, I started to talk about this topic while I was in Bogota.

Hybrid Apps Colombia

While I stayed in Bogota taking care of some things, I received a call asking for training in a program that was part of the state in the city of Cartagena (randomness of life), so, I accepted this opportunity and I had a good time giving speeches about Android in Cartagena.

Later on I continued my path to my new home Medellin: a quiet and cheap city with the basic things to start a team for SponzorMe.

I also started Google Developer Group in Medellin that at this moment has 500 members after 9 meetings… <B

GDG Medellin

Something I was determined to do this year was to learn Brazilian Portuguese. So, after some classes and reading while traveling I decided to go to the only place where I could learn Portuguese first hand: Brazil! Cara! Muito obrigado!


I arrived to the city of Sao Paulo and my time here was curious. I didn’t have enough time to get ready so, I had to improvise as things came to me which wasn’t so bad.

Something I found thrilling was re-encountering people I met in San Francisco which made me observe a bit the curiosity about coincidences (randomness of life).

Also, I got to know about the culture, which personally was really different to what I was expecting but still, good…

Once I finished my trip around Brazil and I came back to Medellin, I received some news that changed things. SponzorMe had entered Generation 14 in Chile’s Start-up (randomness of life) which was excellent news at this point. Even when it looked as if I was on vacation somewhere else, in reality, I was also working in each place (one of the advantages I suppose my profession as app developer has).


Santiago is the city where we landed and continued our path building SponzorMe.

At this point we had so much work to do that between being excited about meeting people from around the world and receiving an orientation program time went so fast we were at the end of the year.

Having an excellent team working besides me, we started moving forward quickly developing the brand’s image, (You can read more about out process here), creating a mobile’s experience and strengthening each characteristic of the platform.

The process to create the brand SponzorMe

And so, as I started meeting people with similar vision that changed their lives to become part of a program in Chile following their dreams…

At this point what seems incredible is that I lived in 4 different countries and I kept following my North. Apart from this story being a randomness ode, it is a way to show that if you accept it, changes can take you to amazing things.

What’s next? No one knows. What I know is that I’ll continue following my North and maybe I’ll have a great story to tell by the end of 2016.

In addition, don’t forget to visit and try it out…

See you next post :)

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