How to Earn Bitcoin while Lightning Agar

Online Multiplayer Game

Carlos Roldan
Jun 19, 2019 · 3 min read

Create an Account

Access to Satoshis.Games and click on account or the identity icon on the left sidebar.

Play screen at Satoshis.Games

This will pop up a modal with the features of having an account.

Create an account at Satoshis.Games

Now you have 3 options:

  • Connect. This option allows the user to create an account using the web browser extension Lightning Joule.
  • Import. Importing an account from a previously registered user.
  • Create an account. If you do not have Lightning Joule then buy an account for 1000 satoshis (Less than 0.05$).

Create an account

This shows up a payment request to pay. We use PoP (Proof of Payment) to validate user creation. When the user has paid, the website reloads the session with the new logged account.

Account creates at Satoshis.Games

Play Lightning Agar

Next, we go to Play and in the tab named lightning, we found a few games including Lightning Agar. We click play and a modal shows up with details about the game rules. Then, we click play again.

Play Lightning Agar at Satoshis.Games

We are redirected to a new website called Agar.Satoshis.Games and we see an easy menu. We click on Start:

  • Start the game. Starting the game costs 1000 sats. Once we have proceeded with the payment, we have to click on confirm.
  • Type your Satoshis Games username. This is super important. we need to add exactly the same username as the one we have in Satoshis.Games, so every time we eat a player, we stack their satoshis in our Satoshis Games account. Each time we eat an enemy we earn 250 sats.
  • Choose a skin. We can choose nice a skin to play by clicking on the chooser list. Then, a modal pops up with the available skins.
Lightning Agar — Agar.Satoshis.Games

Now it is your time to play and cash out the satoshis.

Cash Out your satoshis

We strongly recommend you to withdraw your satoshis. Withdraw your funds as frequently as possible. Be the sovereign individual. But above all, have fun😉

Go to profile to check your account balance and withdraw it.

Profile screen at Satoshis.Games

Now click on Withdraw. You have the option to manually paste an invoice request with the same amount as your balance or automatically withdraw the balance using Lightning Joule.

Withdraw screen at Satoshis.Games

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