Bye, bye Adobe.
rami james

I feel the same since few years before they lost the Flash Player War, since they did nothing to avoid this happen (Flash still is a great technology afterall and not thanks to latest 5–6 years of Adobe actions). At least Adobe Flex is now on Apache, and we only depend on Adobe runtimes (AIR and Flash).

Now it’s the turn of Adobe CC products. I never paid the CC software and still rely in CS6. And now that Skech or Affinity are valid options, expect to switch to this programs.

So as the title says…”bye, bye Adobe”, it was great when there was no sales man managing the company and making adquisitions of companys instead of making your products evolve over time. IMHO, Shantanu Narayen should be fired or he will killing the companyin the end. Adobe looks today less like a innovation company and more like a public company full of functionaries.

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