Thank you for everything, Adobe. I really want to move on
Darin Dimitroff

I was an Adobe user both in design tools and technology. I continue using the software but I feel the company is worse year after year. I think there’s a similar feeling floaitng around the community. I don’t know about the actual Adobe numbers, but I heard years ago that If you are loosing the respect of your community maybe your numbers will continue to grow for some years to come, but you’ll be opening the door to competitors and after those years you will start to have problems and your numbers will reflect the mistake you did.

I think something similar happens to Microsoft with Vista. In 2007–2008 many people abandoned the windows ship and started to test Apple Macs, and they didn’t come back anymore. Then Microsoft released Widows 7 and they save from the burn.

For me the fail of Adobe is in part caused by its CEO, Shantanun Narayen. A sales man without technical knowledge managing a tech firm, that focused in companies adquisitions and was part of the Apple-Flash Player fiasco in 2010 that makes the word “Flash” hated all over the globe. How could a great technology like Flash still be as satanized as nowadays?.

Adobe had a impresive set of internet technologies around Flash Player, and they left all the negative marketing dominate out there. At least the technology is still there thanks to its own features and still HTML is not capable to move it away in many scenarios.

Now is time for CC. I’m still in CS6 since CC is a crap in my opinion. I think I’ll be testing Sketch and Affinity, since I was thinking in throw away my latest Adobe design products.

I’m still using Flex, but now is not Adobe Flex but Apache Flex. And in the end I think I’ll only depend on Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR. Hope some day both runtimes could be left in some foundation that will make it better that Adobe in the last years. Since Adobe is not committed to innovation anymore, and they turn a great company into something their user has learn to hate. Me included.

Great post, and thanks for the suggestion. I’ll want to ask you about the differences between Sketch and Affinity Designer. And what about Affinity Photo?



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