How To Preserve Your Antique Toy Boxes and Packaging ?

Sometime people find a sweet vintage toy at a yard sale and always excited when it has the original box. Unfortunately, the old boxes have seen better days, and are bent, ripped, taped, and mildewed, but here people always optimistic that there is something worth salvaging. For many antique toys, the box can actually be worth more than the toy it contained, so before you toss a hopeless box in the trash, why not try and see if you can Repair and Restoration from Randy Toys Shop.

This Shop is the best place for people to repair or restore your old toy boxes, cardboard or corrugated. We have very much qualified technicians. They can custom parts fabrication for nearly any old toy and Toy paint matching and aging, lithograph or hand painted and also Toy touch up and replication of any kind toys.

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