We Bring Your Favorite Toy’s Long Lost Luster!

Quality First Antique Toy Restoration Inc

Once we grow up we might stop playing with our favorite giant teddy bear or we no more ride that toy bike or car. All these toys, in which our soul used to rest, still remain close to the heart. Even if you do not play with it anymore and it might be occupying some space in your storeroom but truth is you still do not have the courage to through it. Well, the question here is if the toy(s) is so dear to you then what is it doing in the store room? Is it there because it has lost its charm, it doesn’t look the same and look aged with its faded color and broken parts? If so is the case then it isn’t a problem because Randy’s toy shop will fix it in no time.

Randy’s toy shop is a small world of antique toys where repair and restoration of vintage toys take place. Apart from this we also buy and sell the vintage collectable toys. At randy’s toy shop; you will find a wide and exclusive range of vintage toys. The four walls of the shop hold treasure because it takes you back to that time which is cherished by every human i.e. childhood. We take pride in the fact that we compel a person to brush the dust off of your favorite toy(s) and go down the memory lane.

You can always make a room for it on your study table or side table; however, if they are not in a condition to be put up there then you can leave that to us, we will bring back its long-lost glory. In fact, we not only repair toys but the boxes as well in which they came. With the help of modern technology and skills of our craft persons, your toy will come back to its original position.

If battery is an issue, or there is any other mechanical problem, the color has faded; any part is If the battery is an issue, or there is any other mechanical problem, the color has faded; any part is missing or broken, or any other problem is there you can rely on us. It doesn’t matter how old the toy is or even if it is in extremely poor condition, we will tailor fabricate the lost part, properly color it-same as the original part, and check it after its installation. A whole toy restoration will take place when cosmetic touch up will be given to it.

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