Leaving Social Media: DAY ONE

Before going to the social media thingy which is probably why you clicked this article it’s crucial for me to introduce myself. I’m a 21 years old mexican I am in business school (excuse me if my english is not that good). The reason why this is important is because eventhought I’ve seen a lot of articles and videos about leaving social media the people that generate this content are usually older than me (30–40 years old). I watched this Cam Newport (author of many cool books about productivity which I find incredibly useful but didn't´t made me productive at all) Ted Talk which didnt’ actually convinced me to leave social media because I just couldn’t commit with his (very well rounded) arguments. The reason was mainly because at my age if you’re not in social media you’re no one, not just profesionally, but socially.

Allow me to elaborate, since I still don’t know who will be reading my articles and I feel like adapting to the target rather than making a target of this journal. But if you’re 30 or older maybe this will need explaining. Ever since high-school using social media was crucial, not even for the social part but for school itself. I would find myself in classrooms with professors uploading homework in Facebook with the excuse that since we checked Facebook everyday we won’t miss homework assignments. Well they do got that one right, since then college has been the same. If we got team assignments that require a lot of documents Facebook Groups are the way to go. You can even find yourself with the “cool professor” that makes you write a tweet about chemistry and if you get more retweets than everyone in the classroom you got extra points. In fact, the only reason which I waited so far in the year for leaving social media was waiting to see if a professor needed us to have a Facebook account for uploading assignments.

Now, when I say “leave social media” I mean. leaving Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (I left that one for a while now), Tinder, EVERYTHING. The fact that I’m an introvert would make you think that it would be easier but you are completely wrong. Being an introvert has made me completely dependent on social media. Take talking to girls as an example, I consider myself to be pretty descently cult and damn I love to have those long conversations about books, music and philosophy, but I’m not able to go with a girl and just start a conversation out of nowhere. Going to clubs for an instance is just torture for me, this and my addictive personality (I might write on that later), led me to completely avoid those places all along. Guess where all my chances of meeting new people eventually leave me? Yes, SOCIAL MEDIA.

My relationship with social media has always been of winnning and loosing. For an instance I may say that the prettiest girl I’ve ever got on a date with I met via Tinder. I’ve also lost a lot of friends. Hate posts, combined with hipster-hate rants on music and different topics, had allienated a lot of people that would otherwise like me. I’m also a musician, and for a long time now social media is the only reason why i got 3000+ plays on some of my songs.

I’m sorry if this first post is not well structured and seems to say a lot and nothing at all. Like I’ve said before I have a lot of ideas and topics I would like to write about and I mean to make this posts consistent but short in order for them not to be boring.

About leaving social media, I’m scared, it’s my first day without it and I’m listenning to Sufjan Stevens “Eugene”, I feel depressed as fuck and I feel like I’m no one already. I don’t feel like socializing in reality either I had never felt like it. What’s the point of singing songs if they’ll never even hear you? Sufjan correctly points out. The worst part so far about leaving social media is not being able to post everywhere that I left social media. What am I suppose to do to let people know? Get naked and write “I LEFT SOCIAL MEDIA” in my butt? I might as well do. Attention is an ugly drug.