About System Doors- The Future

Interview with Carlos Torres — Writer and Spiritual Messenger from Brazil

Translate — Eliana Guimarães.

This is a very special event. I will be talking about the book “Doors — the System” and The Golden Age. I will talk about how the book emerged in three stages.

It started in 2014 and came in three experiences, in three phases of my life.

I have a lineage that has a very strong link to ancient Egypt, especially the mystery school. One phase occurred inside the pyramid which you probably know from different lifetimes.

So the three phases were like this. In 2014, I was at the hospital, inside an ICU room as I was accompanying my father who was in the hospital. I fell asleep and had an astral projection where I saw myself inside an airplane cabin, underneath an ocean, emerged in water, where I was drowning, as it felt like the plane had crashed inside the ocean. I was drowning and then I woke up startled and desperate.

It had nothing to do with my father yet being inside the ICU room with him somehow triggered that scene. And consequently the scenes of the story began to be revealed to me.

A book like this is not a book you really invent. It is a book that is entrusted to you and it comes from the spiritual realm.

This particular book “Doors” did come from the spiritual realm but it is a book that comes from the future, not the past.

The story revolves around a system that is created and I go into detail about that. Within the whole system you have a different story about a science fiction story that comes from the future and has a very strong probability of happening.

Actually, I will say, that I am most certain it will happen. The Doors System will happen in the very near future.

When I was writing this book, I was able to enter a bit of the future and bring the future into the present time which then really becomes a science fiction of the future.

Jules Verne did the same thing. He lapsed into the future and brought these stories into his time which made the fiction stories he wrote much later on come to pass. Again he was able to dive and dip into the future and bring it into the present time as a way, as a window, to help people understand what the future can bring and what the traps were as well.

I believe as writers we both have links in different lifetimes and that’s a whole different topic to discuss at a later talk.

This doesn’t mean that I am a special person because of this connection of different lifetimes with him. However, I did learn a lot from him.

And one of the things my spiritual mentors always emphasize is that I am not special, nor is anyone else. We have just come here to serve our purpose, follow our mission and that is what we must focus on. The spiritual mentor says ‘you are important but not special’ and that goes for anyone. You are important here because you have your own purpose.

It’ not the importance that is provided by the ego. It is a different kind of importance. It’s more about fulfilling your own purpose, your own reason for being here. My only purpose is to stay away from ego or be attached to it because what I am here for is to impart knowledge, to be an instrument, to express that which comes to me.

And one of the things that stands out is that we must bring from the spiritual realms the good — to share and express the good so that people can be touched by it.

I am here to talk about the system that is inside the book. However, it is about bringing the good part, the good components of that system because there is the negative side but your attention, your focus should never be on that because it is about choices.

The Doors system will happen. It is something from the future but it will happen and in the book you will find the good and the bad things that derive from the system, so that we, at this time, can make different choices so that the future can be altered.

And I would venture to say that this happens in the near future. I would say 7–8 years but at the speech in which things are changing, it might be even faster.

So the first phase I mentioned happened at the ICU with my father and the second phase happened when I spent 28 days traveling to Egypt and Israel with Professor Adhemar Ramos, who is an expert in the Ancient Egypt occult, the mystery schools. He was a very spiritual person and died in 2012, after our trip. It was an incredible journey of spiritual experiences and blessings with a teacher revealing ancient knowledge practically 24 hours a day. We became friends and met many times and did interviews together which you can find on Youtube.

So during his last interview, ‘well, something interesting happened the other day when I accessed the Akashic Records. And it talked about a system that will happen which is a system that will come into this world and it will be soon. I don’t even recall or know everything because our conversations always revolve around Egypt, mystery schools but I saw that this system would be called Doors and it won’t take too long to come into manifestation’.

And so I asked Adhemar ‘what kind of system is this?’ He simply answered ‘it’s Doors — the system’ and that’s why the name of the book came from.

Adhemar went on to explain that it is a system that will encompass everything. The current Windows system will fall in the sense that the Doors system will be about doors — about gateways that will rise. It is a different type of system which is more advanced.

We are going to open and enter the internet so it’s going to be the doors and gates within the internet rather than dimensional windows.

And you can already see this on the news with augmented reality, virtual reality, VR glasses, that have been created for that. So technology is already being manufactured and created based on this type of system.

Yet, it’s only the beginning. There is much more to it. This is only a fragment of what will happen to the system as it grows exponentially.

There will be a mechanism which will allow people to enter the system, to enter the internet and it will be something that is alive, something that is organic.

This organic system that you can enter and that is live is a new world. It is the entrance to this system titled Doors. You can’t enter the system physically but you can enter the system through the internet. So, let me describe that.

It can be through the use of a helmet, augmented reality, VR glasses, and tools are being built for that experience. There must be a mechanism, a platform to enter this world but you must access the pineal gland to do so. This is key for the system to work and that is why it is a live, organic platform.

When you enter into the pineal gland, it is because only the pineal gland can allow you to access the 5th dimension. Within 10 years, this will all be very common, very natural. Even in the event that we are doing now as this talk at this book store will be something that can be done holographically. I can be at the bookstore or home talking to everyone and people will be able to project their holograph and participate in the event. So it is a very interesting technology that can be used. So instead of having 50 people attend the event, you can have 50,000 people who use their holographs to attend. So it provides access to a platform that is live and organic in nature.

Of course, you must be thinking how all of this is fiction. And part of it is. But what today seems like science fiction, in the future won’t be. And there are many examples like this that have happened throughout time.

This already happened at an experimentation level but it’s not something that goes public. I’m sure it is used in strategic meetings at the Pentagon or Nasa.

So, just returning to the concept — we will have mechanisms, a platform, tools such as VR glasses, helmets that will access the pineal gland.

As the pineal gland is the entrance to the spiritual realm, this is where danger actually begins but I won’t go into this at this time. In the book, you can read how this will endanger humanity on many levels.

This access will most likely be through a chip inserted into your body. The first chip will be inserted into your right hand and it will be mandatory. Everyone will be obligated to have this chip implanted.

It’s very much like having a credit card where you can purchase anything on line by having it.

So, the first chip on the right hand is to enter the system and the second chip is inserted into your pineal gland where you can access different dimensions and spiritual realms.

So my desire is basically to have people read the book and watch the film based on the book so that millions of people can watch so that they can realize that by inserting a chip into their pineal glands, real danger begins for humanity overall. So the danger lies in inserting the chip into your body, especially, the pineal gland.

The platform and the system itself is wonderful technology and the tools, the glasses, helmets or any other mechanism that will allow and give you the experience are wonderful. The only real danger is in having a chip that accesses your pineal gland which accesses different realms for you as a being, inside a human form.

And one of the ways in which this pineal gland would be accessed is through the insertion of nanotechnology chips. They can give you great experiences — sound, sight, color. Yet again, there is a great danger to this, at a spiritual level and as a spiritual being living inside a human form.

The pineal gland is at the center of your head. So when nanotechnology particles are inserted in order to reach your pineal gland, once they find your pineal gland access, it is a done deal. There is nothing you can do and you have allowed them to access your soul. Actually, you have sold your soul. In this sense, you have provided access to something which is sacred to you.

If you look at the Bible, John Evangelist talked about the mark of the beast and this is actually the mark. So the message is, put simply, do not allow the insertion of any of these chips into your body. It will cost you your soul.

You can see segments of this happening as many things are being microchipped from dogs to cattle. Even children are being microchipped so this small steps are already part of the system that will expand drastically. This is only the beginning.

It’s not a specific person who wants to control all of this. But it is a system and it does have its own energy field which expands and this system ends up being created non intentionally and then it kind of spreads out.

This chip, this system is something that appears in the Akashic Records, in which case, this is in reality a prophecy which may happen or can be changed, and consequently might not happen.

Without any ego on my part, this book, Doors — the System, is a bit of prophecy. Because I am bringing something from the future into the present. A prophecy comes to you so that it may not happen, so that it can change.

So why did John, the evangelist, write the Book of Revelations? So that in reality it wouldn’t happen, so we could read it, be aware of it and not allow it to be fulfilled.

That the Doors system will happen is real as it is coming from the future. Yet what is happening is that the 5th dimension is coming into this dimension and so this platform is really about that.

The essence is what we do with it.

So it is the opening of the 5th dimension and it is a system that allows you to walk in that. You are building a world upon a world.

It’s not only science fiction. It’s something that stems from the future but comes into the present moment so it can be built.

This journey, the system is really about entering the spiritual realms. And if something you have to find balance in so that you don’t fall into one extreme or the other cause otherwise you will walk into other illusions of which you can get lost.

That’s why I mention this, because if you don’t stay balanced, in your center, you can become very skeptical or enter many illusions and you won’t be able to discern which is real or not.

So, in this world of extremes, you will enter a world of nothingness, fear, strife, orders whereas if you walk in balance, you are in the spiritual world but bridging it into your physical world so you can access the extraordinary. That’s really what it’s for.

So if you ask yourself about Google Maps — it has already mapped the world — the five continents with streets, roads, highways. It is a static world but it is being set up.

It is being built so that this virtual world can exist, so this virtual world can be accessed.

So if we can expand on this example, if you look at Google, it will offer you, using all the maps and dimensions it created, as a way for you to buy a place, to build a shop in the virtual world so you can have your own virtual shop, to have a house or real estate in this virtual world, so literally it will be selling space in this virtual world. And this is building a world on top of this world.

So the idea is that people will be able to purchase any real estate in this virtual world and people will be able to access this virtual world and life right from their home. So, we, as human beings will be more home than ever because all we will do is access the virtual world. Instead of going into the physical store to shop, millions of people can go into the virtual world and shop for whatever they want.

It’s a very sci-fi kind of world but technology is creating this, in different phases but technology is moving towards that.

So Google will rent space. It will rent square meters of pixels. The system is about real estate development .

The system is really about real estate development which rents space for different types of companies with all sorts of functions and to live a lifestyle, a virtual lifestyle rather than a real physical lifestyle.

So imagine there is a World Soccer Cup in the Middle East and instead of having all the cost of travel, you can buy a ticket and send your hologram to watch the games. What happens is that basically all the stadiums will be duplicated and more people will be able to attend paying a lower price as a holograph. It’s a much easier technology.

I know it’s hard for you to conceive all of this right now. But as technology advances and all these tools are created, you’ll see how all the mechanism and the platform works.

I believe now there is a race to build this king of platform. You see Google, Microsoft and Sony already building their technology products and a system in order to advance into the future.

So right now we are in the fourth dimension and the Doors system will enable people to go into the 5th dimension. And that is going to be an exciting thing, full of amazing things that will happen with technology.

So with all this technology, the danger really is living in that virtual world and never really wanting to return to the physical world. So the structure of family becomes even more important and that is the main message of the book — Doors, the System — because family becomes an incredibly important component so that you have balance to move between these worlds.

Nowadays, when a person is on the internet, they still physically work and maneuver and play the games but if you build a world above another world so it’s completely virtual, what you are seeing is that instead of walking into a room and watching your son physically maneuver video games components, you will walk into a room where your son is lying down, with a device in which he is inside the virtual world, no physical movement needed. And that is where the danger really is.

So imagine a world where all things are possible, inside a virtual world. Who would want to come back? And that is the danger of living your life only there and not coming back in detriment of family or relationship time. A place where there is no physical activity, only virtual.

We already live multidimensional lives. Social media platforms are already an example of that. Some people use it for business. In my case, I use it to talk to my followers as it is a business strategy for me. Then I go out with friends and family to travel, to have a beer.

For many people, it is a life. They build a life and live it inside Facebook and they don’t have a life outside that. And that’s the danger of virtual life. You live this projected lifestyle in a virtual world, when in reality your life is probably not even close, actually the opposite of the virtual projection.

So, it will be more and more important to navigate these worlds where you can have fun in the virtual world and come back to have dinner with your family, go to school. It’s creating a balance between these worlds that will be the key to navigate these multidimensional gateways.

This is a business model that will change the world in many ways. And it should happen within the next 7–8 years because you’re looking, for example, at Google offering square meter of pixels to create your store in the virtual world and then rent it out and lease it to you.

It will really change commerce and the way people experience their lives and how they act in the virtual and physical world.

I would say that around 2022 the platform will be operational and 2030 the platform/system will be complete and stable.

Don’t take my word for it as I have written a science fiction book yet these are dips of going into the future and bring back information. Start reading information about augmented and virtual reality, holographs and quantum physics. All of those are indicators of where we are moving with technology.


So, on a softer note about the book, there is another spiritual law that comes into play and it’s called the Law of Sharing.

I have written a book titled The Law of Sharing and my mentors who stem from Ancient Egypt and the Blue Planet allow me to tap into future dimensions and bring information. I am Aquarius so my nature is future and that is quite a natural ground for me to be in.

So, what is the Law of Sharing? It is a law that will change the way humanity interacts with each other. It is a law that will be inserted in 6 steps and it won’t be something you have to do but something that will happen naturally.

The only way out for humanity right now is to actually share, to follow the law of sharing otherwise there isn’t a way out.

Accumulating was a part of the Pisces Era and now we are in the Aquarius Era and this is about sharing. I call this time, The Golden Era.

So, in 2012 the world did end but not as we see it. The era of Pisces and its world ended. And now a new world has begun, the Era of Aquarius, the Era of the Golden Age as I like to call it because of my lineage with Ancient Egypt.

This new world is bringing new ideas, new ways of healing, new ways of relationships, new ways of living as a community.

So what is the new information that comes in with this era of sharing, this era of Aquarius, this Golden era?

Whenever we transition into a different era, there is a feeling of loss, of something closing, something ending and a feeling of the unknown coming. And that brings a lot of fears to people and it is important to be aware of this and not actually attach yourself to these fears.

It is normal for this transition to happen because you’re moving into a world that you knew into a new era, which is an unknown world that you are still co-creating.

So my role as a writer is to tap into these future things and that is why I’m not afraid to see the future. I see incredible and amazing things in the future. And what I try to do is bring that information in the form of books in order to help people to have a better understanding and clarity of what can happen.

It’s easier to fall into a pattern of complaining, of being the victim, of being in fear. However, I choose to see the future from the possibilities, from what it can bring to mankind, to a better humanity as we are here to fulfill our purpose.

So if you remain on the negative side of this, you are going to be in the energy of complaining and blaming everything outside yourself.

It is important to change that and develop a form of gratitude and work with the law of sharing.

So this old world tries to pull us back, to bring fear, to cater to old patterns that should no longer exist.

But this new world is about something completely different. It really is about gratitude and sharing. So, the key is to change your pattern of thinking.

So instead of thinking ‘I am suffering’, think ‘I am being cured of something I may not be aware of or that I am aware of, in order to release it, in order to step into the new.’

Suffering is of the old era. And fear is also of the old era.

So if I give you an example of people suffering at a job they hate. If they say, I hate this job, I am stuck here and there is nothing I can do so your living your life in fear, still in the energy of the old era. In the new era, you drop what isn’t working and allow what is new to come to you.

Fear nothing. My mentors say this to me directly and I’m sharing this because I am living proof of it. They say ‘if you’re in fear, you will always remain this way, and in this life of suffering. You will never change and never move forward.’

They continue saying ‘Move out of your fear. Move out of your comfort zone so that you can go onto your next step.’

So if you want to move out of something but you are afraid, that is really the message. You have to move out of your fear even though there are many unknowns, if you know that is where you must go, you must try that.

And so, I have chosen to get out of my comfort zone, walk into the new era, move forward, with fear and all, into the unknown, with my purpose and with my mentors who provide me with road maps and guidance along the way.