Doc2Web turns any Google Docs document into a modern Website

Carlos Toxtli

Some weeks ago I was asked to create a website where multiple people were collaborating. It was an interesting challenge since the changes in the content were happening constantly on a Google Docs document. Keeping track of all the changes and updating the static website URL that was provided to me, sounded like a very intensive back and forth process to keep it updated.

This is why, I developed Docs2Web, a very simple interface that allows individuals and teams to turn any Google Docs document as a modern website. If it is true, that Google Docs already has a feature that enables users to make the content public on the web, it makes hard for readers to read long documents on a monotonic format. Docs2Web divides it into sections that facilitate the content reading.

The steps to turn a Google Docs into a website are the following:

Step 1: Set styles to the titles and subtitles as it is shown in the image below (at least you must set one “Title” and one “Heading 1” style.)

Step 2: Publish your document by clicking on “File> Publish to the web > Publish”, and copy the generated URL as is shown in the image below.

That's all! Many other features will be added progressively to improve the interface and navigability. This is an Example document, and an Example URL to test it:

You can try Docs2Web here:

You can find the source code in this repository:

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