Part 1: Preparing the environment

This is a series of articles that cover how to start from scratch with MEAN.

On this article you will learn how to configure your environment and publish a new web application on internet using NodeJS, Grunt, Yeoman and OpenShift.

MEAN is a framework to develop complete client/server web applications with Html, JS and CSS, running on a NodeJS runtime with an Express web server, using AngularJS framework and persisting the model in MongoDB (with JSON).

NodeJS is a Javascript runtime based on asynch tasks. Inside NodeJS you can run any type of application downloading modules using npm (more detail…

PlayMyBand WebRTC real time game

A team formed by Jaime Casero, Carlos Torrenti and me (Carlos Verdes) has won the Madrid TADHack 1st prize with this HTML5 real time video game.

This article (writen by all of us) is about what is behind the scenes so we hope that it will help others to develop similar applications.

You can find all the code in the next GitHub:

git clone

The idea

The idea is to explore the usage of Multiparty WebRTC collaboration, not only by sharing video or audio, but also by sending data to all parties involved using the not-so-usual WebRTC Datachannel. …

El objetivo de este artículo es mostrar una visión global sobre qué ofrece Docker utilizando un ejemplo práctico: coger una aplicación JEE (.ear) y desplegarla dentro de un servidor Wildfly utilizando Docker.

Docker detrás de un proxy

En caso de estar detrás de un proxy es necesario configurar las variables de entorno Linux (http/s_proxy) en el fichero de perfil de usuario: /var/lib/boot2docker/profile.

sudo vi /var/lib/boot2docker/profileexport HTTP_PROXY=http://$your_proxy_host:$your_proxy_portexport HTTPS_PROXY=http://$your_proxy_host:$your_proxy_port

Una vez editado el fichero hay que reiniciar el servicio (a veces es necesario reiniciar la imagen entera):

sudo /etc/init.d/docker restart

Contenedores e imágenes

La idea de utilizar Docker es levantar un entorno donde poder lanzar nuestras aplicaciones. Cada…

Carlos Verdes

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