Visualizing More With R — Interactive Graphs and Maps

On one discussion on the Gastos Abertos project I have been participating, someone suggested an interactive graph of the static plot title of this post. Since I am only used to ggplot2, I tried to get as close to as what was suggested: Being able to turn invisible some of the lines by clicking them.

However, little I knew I was so very close to the plot. Accidentally I stumbled on ggplotly, from which literally only required me to pass the ggplot2 graph as a parameter. The result is as follows:

A more detailed article comparing other libs for data visualization that I came across can be found at:

Comparing several basic plots across all those libraries to show on R Markdown.

Other kind of visualization I have been musing on is ggmap, which appears to be a breeze to generate map plots.

The author page is here:

A simple tutorial showing its power and easiness is here:

And a more detailed explanation can be found on the following article:

There has also been some discussion on integrating them with R Markdown for data reports:

Last but not least, I also came across this Social Network Analysis lib for much better (interactive) plots. Some are also useful for hierarchical clustering dendograms:

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