Day 2: I may or may not have eaten a scorpion

It’s been two days yet I feel like I’ve been here longer. We woke up at aroun 11AM right about when the hostel’s breakfast was about to end. Ate an American style continental breakfast consisting of cornflakes, toast and coffee.

We decided we wanted to explore Sukhumvit, a famous neighbourhood in Bangkok. When we got there we were surprised how different from Koh San Road it was. There were Starbucks everywhere along with Tescos, Au Bon Pain and even Mister Donuts. We ate on a Thai shack on the side of the road. It is definitely the wealthy part of town full of sky scrapers, shopping centers and fancy restaurants. We visited a design exhibition called TDCC — it was awesome!

Taking a cab back to the hostel was a hassle — no one wanted to take us for less than 300 Baht ($10, the way there was $5). We got tired of asking and eventually hopped on one that carefully hid the value on the taxi meter with a hand towel so it wouldn’t show to us.

Back at the hostel we rested for a couple of minutes and went out for dinner. I wanted to take a break from Thai food and had a beer and cheese pizza which was surprisingly good. A couple of minutes after, we were walking down Koh San again and sat at a bar/club place called the Center of Koh San Road. There we met a tour from a hotel and pulled a group of girls so they hung out with us. Following rushed introductions, we decided it was a good idea that every single one of us eats scorpions on a stick from a lady selling them out of a tray. Worst (best) decision ever.

Taste a bit like fried chicken but not the best aftertaste. That was a true bonding experience that led to drinks, jokes and travel stories until the police kicked us out of the bar. An American in the group suggested we go eat ice-cream but the girls were too tired and took a cab back to the hotel. Jasper and I pulled the clasic “f* it let’s eat the only thing open, McDonalds.”

Maroun caught up with us later as he held in his hands a plate of street Chicken Pad Thai.

Food stall in the side of the road
Spring rolls for lunch 50 Bahts ($1.25)
Menu from the place we ate: Very Good and Cheap — my kind of place!
Soi 23 at Sukhumvit
Sketchy cab driver
Dessert anyone?
Koh San Road at Night
End of the night at McD’s
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