Touchdown in Bangkok

First half day in Bangkok and it’s been quite the ride. The whole journey involved a four hour Bolt Bus (fortunately not the one that exploded) to New York City, getting picked up by my friend, driving to JFK, hopping on a seven hour flight to Stockholm followed by a ten hour flight to Bangkok. Side note, being in Sweden for a couple of hours, and having a meal + coffee at the airport, made me realize how much I missed Europe.

I’m not a big fan of long flights but for some reason they didn’t seem that long, especially after watching The Immitation Game (10/10!) and finding an empty three-seats row at the back of the plane to crash on. Customs in Bangkok was as usual “what is Salvador?” and calling colleagues over to confirm this was a legit passport — story of my life.

Got out of the airport at 7:30 am and took a cab into the city, had a quick “Asian breakfast” which was basically fried rice, toast, fruit, juice and coffee, and went on to find a place to sleep. The first hostel was fully booked but we managed to find beds on our second try — Suneta Hostel Khaosan.

Met another bagpacker from Seattle with whom we’ve been walking around, souvenir shopping, grabbing lunch, taking tuk-tuks and exploring the religious temples around the area. Just got back to the hostel, freshening up and ready to hit this city’s nightlife.

Maroun has been wearing a Northeastern t-shirt and we’ve been called out a couple of times — it’s awesome!

Here’s a couple of pictures

Bangkok, Thailand
First meal in Thailand — Asian Breakfast: fried rice with chicken 180 baht (>$6)
One of many Buddha Temples
Another of many Buddha Temples
Egg noodles with fresh crab meat — 85 Baht (>$3)
Some random canal in Bangkok (I’ll find out the name of it….)
Khao San Road
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