You’ll Never Work In This Town Again…
Mila Kunis

I registered to the site to respond to this article. I applaud your actions; going against the grain. A producer told Bruce Lee that he’ll never work in that particular town after ripping off the tape of a fight he was in. The producer thought it was the best fight he’s ever seen, but Bruce was not acting, he was fighting a personal battle, he didn’t want it to be taped. Guess what? He went on to becoming a cultural icon. I understand that you did not want to pose naked for a photoshoot (not sure if it’s for a magazine, or a website, or other media prints, sooo I’ll just leave it at that), this producer did not respect your boundaries, and straight up told you that you’ll never work in that town again — and you fought back. Proving that you CAN work in that town again, proving you can still work after a rejection to a nude shoot. You don’t want to do it, don’t do it. Just that simple. Producers need to understand that not all women will pose naked. Some are okay with it, some are not, and you’re one of the folks that won’t do it just for a request.

Anyway, I applaud your actions and this particular article. However, I’d like to make you understand that the second producer that said along the lines of “There’s a new Kutcher wife!” You should be proud of that! He’s trying to shine a light on you — really. It’s a compliment. I’m not sure how to put it, but put it this way: If you admire an actor like say, Danzel Washington, and someone calls you his wife, it’s more of a compliment.