Can Ugly be Good UX?

Ugly interface can be good UX. Websites can be ugly and not aesthetically pleasing to users but can provide good user experience. An example of this is Craiglist. It’s pretty ugly: Times New Roman and blue clickable text.

But I can easily navigate the site without any instruction on how to use the site. As a user, I’m able to see how to pick a specific event, change the language, look up specific tags and searches. Good UX can be beautiful and give a good user experience but bad ugly poor UX. Craiglist makes is easy for the user to search and find what they need. The same with a lot of other forums on the internet, they’re ugly but they get the job done.

Personally, I think UI is the design aspect of it and UX is all about the project material.

Can the user see the content, read it and understand it? Those are the important parts of UX that doesn’t need to be beautiful or pretty. A person can be a UX Designer and not have their work be beautiful or know how to code as long as the user can interpret and understand what they need to see and how to get it done.

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