Step 1 — DMD Website Final Project

This is a heuristics of design review on the DMD website for Interaction Design.

One of the Heuristics of Design Interface is consistency. While for the most part in the DMD website, overall, there is a theme of consistent patterns there are some pages that are off. One of the most noticeable parts of the website that lacks consistency are the selection boxes.

The consistent pattern is that when the user hovers, there is some sort of zoom. All of the current boxes that are being used provide feedback which tells the user that the website is responding to what they want to see or where they want to go which is super important in UX UI. In the middle pictures case, the background fills and the picture zooms. The most aesthetically pleasing of the designs is the selection box with the orange background and white text.

Another consistent part of the website is the nav. The nav is super consistent throughout the entire website and each page sticks to the same color theme.

For usability of the website: it has a lot of learnability. If you were to send the link to someone who has never seen it before and asked them to get information on the program, what it has to offer, and how to apply, they would easily be able to find that information after clicking through the website. This leads to that the website also has a lot of memorability. After not going to the site for a while, the user is able to know how to operate it and find specific information to it. It’s clear and concise which I think has to do with the nav and how it stays consistent. The colors help you the user assign a specific piece of information to it.

Another element is the attractiveness of the website. The design is clean and simple when it comes to the design part of it. Another heuristic that it follows is that the design is minimalistic and clean. A part that does need some focus is the Our Work page when it comes to all the videos.

The videos are a crucial part of DMD because it’s easier to show rather than tell the work and accomplishments students have achieved at DMD. The page for the videos is just a page with the videos stacked up against each other and the user needs to scroll through the page to see all the videos. A slider with the videos or a playlist would be more attractive than having the user scroll through the page.

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