User Testing Part 3

Previous: Scope- The product that we will be testing is Voyage. A navigation application with a nautical theme that has advanced updates on explore, directions, and parking features. User testers will be testing a prototype. I think the main concern for our application would be if they understand the nautical theme, understanding the new features implemented such as the parking locations, and explore page.

Purpose- Can users easily find how to find directions? Can users find specific explore spaces? Can users understand the parking feature and functions?

Session Descriptions- Up to 5 people will be testing the prototype at the same time in a room with iPhones.

Each person will sit at a desk with a computer and an iPhone with barriers for them to not see the other people testing the application’s prototype.

Each session will be 45 minutes, separated by 15 minutes to reset the session for the next group of people .

Equipment — 5 Laptops, 5 iPhone’s, 5 chairs, 5 desks, 5 desk barrier walls

Participants- For the testing of Voyage, there will be about 5 people testing per testing session. The session is 45 minutes with 15 minutes to reset so I think that there will be 60 participants split between two days of testing and 12 different sessions split between those two days.

The “control” of the experiment would be young adults, age ranging from 16–22, the main people that I would like to see if they understand is older adults can understand all the different functions of the application.

Scenarios- There are going to be 4 scenarios that each participant will go through.

  1. Explore view- The explore view is the most complicated because it has many new different features such as social media reviews and a view for the each individual page. This scenerio tests whether or not that users can get their information as quickly as possibly without the interface getting in the way.
  2. Directions view- The new feature for the Directions is having it refresh when you’ve made a wrong turn if its offline. There are two different views to see the directions and the map at the same time so understanding that interface and views are going to be new to subjects.
  3. Parking location view- The test subject should be able to understand how to save information about their parked car and how to relocate it if they forget where it is.
  4. The dialect- Something that users will be asked about is whether or not that they like the nautical theme, if they can figure out how to turn it down and make it more prominent.
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