My Career as a woman in IT Support → Lessons Learned

As an IT professional , Mom & wife i have learned many lessons, and the most important one is to put your family before your job. Family always comes first.
Second most important one is to understand when there is a time to change ; leave a job and look out for another one or just concentrate on your well being , i left my job 8 months ago , mostly because i have depression and anxiety disorder , how i get to this please ? Simple : focusing on others and not on me, trying to please my workplace and everyone; not realizing that the most unhappy person was me.
Third most important learning is to let go. There are times when you are just exhausted , things are not changing ; people keep doing the same mistakes , goals are not being met, etc.
Well i would say it’s the time to take a break let it go, recharge your body, mind & spirit and then try to visualize where to go ? For me i started taking a detox class about “ Detox your life” it all started after both my parents died, i noticed that my job was not making me happy at all, i did not grief my parents properly due to being busy , plus i have 2 small children and family life was suffering too. So it was time to let that Job go, today i’m on recharge mode, then the time will come for the opportunity to go back to work and make sense of all again.
what are your lessons learned ? i want to hear them ?