Entanglement Codes To Improve Safety and Scalability of DLT Systems

The topic of blockchain scalability has been in the eye of the hurricane since early 2018, when Vitalik Buterin, one of the founders of Ethereum and perhaps the most well-known public figures in the blockchain panorama, coined the term, “scalability trilemma”.

Blockchain is often referred to as the next big thing, probably the most promising technology of the near-term future. It is undeniable that distributed ledger technology is sprouting up in an incredible number of industries in some obvious and not-so-obvious implementations. But how are countries and governments worldwide welcoming the change? Are governing bodies even able to create legal frameworks to support the technology? And if so, when?

Blockchain technologies are gaining incredible interest by global entities and governments. The World Economic Forum estimates that the overall share of global GDP tracked, managed, and stored on blockchain will reach 10%…

Blockchain Scalability

Blockchain scalability has likely been one of the most researched topics in crypto environments in the past few years. Regardless of their involvement in the crypto world, almost everyone at this stage is aware of the ridiculously low amount of transactions processed per second of Bitcoin with respect to VISA for example.

To translate this statement into numbers, Bitcoin Wiki reports that at the time of writing, VISA’s average transactions per second is about 2,000, with some peaks at around 4,000 daily, while the maximum capacity is estimated to be around 60,000 transactions per second. …

Beside being a tongue-tying spell, “MimbleWimble” is a privacy preserving Distributed Ledger Protocol designed to grant users anonymous transactions.

Privacy, anonymity, or confidentiality?

More often than not, the words “privacy”, “anonymity” and “confidentiality” get confused or used interchangeably. The consequence is that websites, platforms, or social networks are labelled private even when they are actually not. This can bring extremely dangerous consequences to the security of our own personal data. Our private information is collected, tracked and shared, and in a heartbeat everyone (or more people than we would want to share it with) has access to our most private information.

As mentioned in the previous article, the imposition of GDPR requirements compliance in 2018 has largely helped containing the issue. However, to…

What is data protection and why do we care?

I believe if I say “Cambridge Analytica”, or “Facebook user data breach scandal” a lamp will light up in your head. In a nutshell, and particularly as a consequence of the data theft scandal undergone by Facebook in early 2018, the topic of the role of privacy in online contexts has been getting hotter and hotter. Users all over the Internet have increasingly become more sensitive to the concept and are therefore becoming reluctant to share their data with websites or companies. But for how much it is true that not…

Carlotta Bertolino

Chief of Staff at Unitychain

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