Dream Love

Dreams of us permeates my nights so thrilling,
In them you are indeed, to me, loving so willing.
The passion we share there is so intense,
The love between us all wrongs do cleanse.
The words you utter each night, promise fidelity,
That flame in your eyes burn bright in sincerity. 
The moments we share, full of sweet delights,
A world built just for us, two lovers in heat,
The strength of our feelings keeps us upbeat. 
If in reality, this type of love we could obtain,
Together we would ride a passionate love train.
Would that what we have, could match the dreams,
Our time together, would produce passion screams.
To hold you close, as in my dreams and make love,
To feel your softness in my arms, my tender dove.
My love for you, transcends all planes of existence,
Reality or dreamland, I love you with true persistence.