Everyday we come onto Facebook for relief from our daily grind. This fantasy land where we can cut loose and relieve our stresses of the weekly grind.

Groups are available for like minded individuals to communicate with each other in various subjects. So much to partake of, from Religious groups to Sex groups, Cycling to Car groups, groups in various sports.

Small and large groups some with music others about politics, many with a mix of many topics as folks post at will what interests them.

Many Black consciousness groups exist that state their goals as educating our masses in the black history and experience. A noble task to undertake, when done with a truly objective and fair presentation of facts.

But each day we are bombarded with memes that spout hate filled rhetoric with Black superiority dogma and attacks on established Religions.

Christianity has been labeled by many as a white man's religion...even tho it was adopted by the Europeans from out of Africa from African writings and tales.

The timeline of Jewish history is constantly harped on as a false story and the Bible is denounced daily by many meme postings. They point out African history as the source of the original stories that have been emulated and made into the bible stories. After all Adam and Evening had two sons who married...where did their wives come from?

Such posts fill memes that plater many group walls. Our folks react to them with the usual cheering sections commenting agreeing with the meme proposition. Africa is the beginning of life and where the real stories originated...our history was ripped off and westernized.... Such is the tagline. .correct?
Black pride is shouted daily by relentless postings of memes with cute sayings and claims....so many that never stand up to close examination.

Be proud of our black women and men these posters tell us in so many posts. All as they degrade our women and men with sexually sensous pictures of our young wonen, asking us to Rock or Not.
What would you do if faced with a fine muscular man in your kitchen while your man is away. Is this how we honor our heritage?

Are these young ladies and men giving us permission to put their pictures up to be judged suitable by a viewing and critical public. Do you want your young adult kids picture on Social media being scrutinized by flocks of folks who Rock or Not them? Is this Black Consciousness? 
Is this how we educate our masses?

We now present memes as historical facts? No stories no articles, just A Cliff Note Meme? Have we gotten so lazy we no longer want to read articles that give us real information and facts? Straight to the meme for today's historical point. This is the state of Social Media?

And then the ones who care about our real progress in getting educated and informed who are denounced as Uncle Toms...The educated Black arm of the oppressors? Being lazy in doing research and presenting verified facts is celebrated as the way of the Black conscious? Being sexist and schoolboy minded in how we view our beautiful ladies is celebrated?

Kings and Queens? Are we really? Do we act like such as we drool over that sexual lady in the bathing suit or that revealing dress?
Are we such when we fantasize about being alone in the house with our mate's sexy best friend?
Are these the thoughts and beliefs of a mind that seeks to help us realize our true potential or are these idle and non progressive methods of dumbing down our brain processes and keeping us divided and busy with trivial issues.

Wake up my people and realize. ..the intelligent among you are not your enemy... they are here to bring you out of the Zombie state we have descended into where the uneducated and false history spouting few have you busy shouting into the wind to no avail and offer no real solutions to bring a stable and functional Black self sustainable society with highly educated and capable leadership who unites rather than divide.

Education is not to be spurned but to be achieved and used for the betterment of our people by gaining the knowledge and abilities to sustain our needs and to barter the contracts that will finally bring us out of servitude.


A meme that was meant to be a dig at truth speakers... It aptly applies here. Trust in those whose methods are non divisive and seeks to unite in real understanding and factual history is used as a means of educating to the true knowledge.