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Carl Rebeiro
Jun 17 · 2 min read
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To me, being gay is a gift. A gift I’m grateful for every day. However, there is a price to be paid for this gift as there is with anything of value. For me, that price is an extreme sensitivity towards the injustices perpetrated by others upon LGBTQ people and the sadness it causes in their lives. Sometimes when I see or hear about those injustices, I feel as if our fight for acceptance and equality is futile, that it’s just too big a fight to win. But then I’m reminded of the qualities of the people who are on my side of the fight. If I’m to believe that good always triumphs over evil, I must remember that the battles are worth fighting, and that it’s the people doing battle on my side that will make the difference and lead us to victory.

sometimes the sadness is too much to bear
the love that's met with denial
the true self that’s hidden away
in pain
my heart aches beyond imagination
they say I feel too much

is there anything sadder than lovers who can’t be together
who deny themselves the love of the other
society says it's wrong, but how can love ever be wrong
regrets are an awful thing, when you’re robbed of the cherished memories you should have lived

you try to shame us, to imprison us, to kill us, and at times you succeed
you wrap yourself in the flag and wave a bible in the air and say we’re an offense to god—yet god made us
you deny gods creation, how do you think that makes him feel
you lie and manipulate so you can spread your vile and evil hate
YOU are the true evil in this world

you who stand against love, you who stand against us, you who stand against me

If someone you love or care about is LGBTQ, please reach out to them and tell them how much you value them, their bravery, and their uniqueness. Especially during this month of Pride.

Special thanks to Esther Spurrill-Jones for her advice and encouragement.

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