Killer Whales in Scotia Sea; lead whale is carrying a large chunk of meat, possibly from a Minke Whale. ©Carl Safina
“This place is alive! In every direction now, creatures far larger than dinosaurs cavort and carry on, blowing voluminous clouds of breath and breaking the sea’s surface in rings of foam. The scene is ages old. Pleistocene Park. Everything here is giant. The mammals are giant; the fishes, giant; the scale of creatures expanded to match the oceanic scale itself. The vast sea itself seems boundless and expansive. From our commanding view the ocean stretches off like a tight azure drum around the rim of the world, and here against the center of this drum pounds the rhythm of the living. I feel utterly captivated — connected and rhapsodic; I feel that somehow a sweepingly enlightening, profound realization awaits just beyond consciousness — like a forgotten dream sensed upon waking — if I can take this scene in for a few more moments, just long enough to let myself open fully and encompass it.”
–Carl Safina, Song for the Blue Ocean
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