#CarlGoneLearnVR @ MozillaFest

Well, in about 24 hours, I’ll be headed to the airport and off to Ravensbourne, London to nerd out at Mozilla Festival on everything digital. For my non nerd friends, the Mozilla Foundation is the non-profit arm of @Mozilla, makers of the web browser Firefox.

I’ll be posting my daily reflections over the weekend here as well as on Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter using the hashtag#CarlGoneLearnVR. My major areas of interest are 360 video and virtual reality storytelling techniques. I know, it sounds trendy but I believe we are at a pivotal time with these technologies.

Remember when this was the way we got on the web?

The major barriers to entry, cost, Internet speed and usability, are rapidly improving. I would liken it to the Internet during the late 90’s. Most folks know that it exists, the early adopters really love it but getting up and running is an involved process. Not exactly rocket science but nevertheless,. it’s more than most folks are ready to deal with, especially over worked teachers.

So Why Is E4 Youth Tackling 360 Video / VR?

360 Music Video Prototype made with students from E4 Youth’s Music Legacy project.

E4 Youth is fortunate to already have a growing ecosystem of creative storytellers across Austin, Texas. If we are able to help their teachers understand how to more easily incorporate 360 Video and VR tools into their lessons, it opens up an entirely new world of opportunity for our students.

This access coupled with exposure to creative and tech professionals through E4 Youth’s Career Development programs, make it more likely that our students can develop mentoring relationships and enter high demand careers within the creative economy.

With all this in mind, E4 Youth is developing Virtual Storytelling Curriculum along with some tools and a contest model that will help teachers accomplish this goal (more news on this soon). I’ll be on the look out for info, people and resources that can aid in this process.

So, now that you’ve got the scoop, check out the #CarlGoneLearnVR on Instagram and Twitter over the weekend and feel free to join in the conversation.

We might just learn some stuff together.