Conrad 30 Waivers for Physicians

Former INS Attorney Carl Shusterman (1976–82) explains how foreign-born physicians can obtain J waivers under the Conrad 30 program. Schedule a legal consultation (by Skype, telephone or in person) at

Each state in the US (plus the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Guam) is permitted to sponsor up to 30 foreign-born physicians each year for J waivers under the Conrad 30 program. See

After the state recommends a physician for an Interested Government Agency (IGA), the waiver application must be approved by the State Department and ultimately by the USCIS.

Most of the physicians must work in medically-underserved areas for a minimum of 3 years to qualify. While half a dozen states fill their quotas within a day or two, over 40 states have never had 30 qualified physicians apply for waivers.

States are now able, as well, to offer up to 10 FLEX waiver spots, for physicians agreeing to work in areas which are not designated as underserved, but that serve individuals residing in neighboring underserved communities.

Each state has its own rules regarding when and how physicians must apply for J waivers and we link to the websites of each state. California is the only state which sponsors only primary care physicians, although if California is not close to using all of its 30 slots, during the last quarter of the federal fiscal year, it will sponsor specialists.

We have helped thousands of IMGs obtain J waivers, H-1B visas and green cards across the US for the past 30 years.

For additional information, see our Physicians Immigration Guide at

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