Family-Based Immigration: Speeding Up Your Case

Former INS Attorney Carl Shusterman (1976–82) explains how to speed up your green card processing under the family-based immigration preference categories. Schedule a legal consultation (by Skype, telephone or in person) at

Attorney Shusterman discusses various methods of speeding up your family-based green card.

One of his clients had no way to legalize his status in the US. However, asking him some pertinent questions, Attorney Shusterman learned that he had a girl friend who was being petitioned by her mother, a permanent resident. He had been advised that he should not marry his girl friend until she received her green card.

Attorney Shusterman disagreed, and advised him that marrying his girl friend would, in fact, lead to a green card for him as long as he followed the proper sequence: First, the girl friend’s mother should naturalize and become a US citizen. This would change the girl friend family-based preference category from 2B (unmarried adult daughter of a green card holder) to 1st (unmarried adult daughter of a US citizen). As soon the mother naturalized, he should marry his girl friend. This would change her category from the 1st to the 3rd preference (married daughter of a US citizen). As soon as the 3rd preference category was current, they could immigrate together. His client followed Attorney Shusterman’s advise and received his green card within 18 months.

Besides retention of priority dates and automatic conversion from one family-based preference category to another, Attorney Shusterman also gives viewers other helpful tips like using “cross-chargeablity” to speed their green card process.

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