Opening reception Operations Camp 002

What keeps digital agency operators up at night?

Do you run operations for a digital agency? Ever wonder if you have the same questions and challenges as others in your role? Well wonder no more, here are the most discussed topics at the Bureau of Digital’s Operations Camp:

How do you find good people in the first place? What tools do you use to track candidates and manage employees?

How do you grow your business past 10 people? 20? 50? Where are the trouble spots?

Company Culture
How would you describe your company culture? Is it something you need to cultivate, or does it evolve naturally? At what points do you try to “steer” it?

What benefits do you offer? Retirement plans? Professional budgets? Unlimited vacation? Do you have a special take on benefits that has helped you attract or retain top talent?

Key Metrics
What are the key metrics you evaluate when determining the health of your business? How are you maximizing profit & cashflow?

Process Improvement
What role does operations have in improving process for efficiency, profitability etc.?

What are the best software/hardware tools you use to run your shop?

Do you service your clients via team structures? What works? What doesn’t?

Do you apply an Agile methodology? What are the pros and cons?

Distributed Workforces
What is your definition of a distributed workforce? What are the challenges with running a company with a distributed workforce? What are some benefits? What are some tools you use to facilitate collaboration?

Vetting New Clients
What criteria do you use? What do you consider a deal breaker? What’s an ideal client?

Risk Management
What protocols do you have? When projects or relationships go awry due to quality, time, cost, or people issues, how do you identify them and how do you respond?

Compensation Strategies
Do you have one? What are their overall impact on financials? How about for Business Development personnel?

Leadership & Management Structures
What leadership roles/positions do you have? When did you realize you needed your leadership tier(s)? What do you do when someone you thought could lead really can’t?

Pricing & Billing Models
Time and materials? Fixed bid? Value-based pricing? Why do you price the way you do? Have you tried other ways that didn’t work? How do you invoice?

Diversity and Inclusion
How do you encourage and cultivate diversity and inclusion in your organization?

Expense Management
How do you control costs? Applications/processes used to track day to day expenses (including travel). How do you incorporate the need for expense management into day to day business steps with staff?

Do you work with partners on engagements? For what competencies? What have your experiences been? Have you ever off-shored work?

There you have it. If you’d like to learn more on these topics, or share innovative approaches you’ve taken to improve your agency, then meet us at Operations Camp 004 this May 18–21 in Seattle.