Dear Conservative, are you sure you love America?

Dear Right-Wing/Conservative/Christian/Trump Voter/Self-Proclaimed-Patriot America:

I have a few questions. Let’s start with this one:

Why do so many of you claim that Liberals hate America?

Why do so many of you claim to be the “real” Patriots…the ones who truly love our Country, and are trying desperately to defend it from Liberal hate?

I’m confused, because all of the evidence I see points to the opposite. Look at the evidence:

Many of you seem to be scared, hateful, and aligned against Latino Americans, Asian Americans, Middle Eastern Americans, Indian Americans, African Americans…pretty much anything that is not a white American. With your voting, your silence, your policies, your rhetoric, or your outright attacks, you have made this hatred pretty clear.

So right off the bat you hate around 40% of America. Yikes!

But we’re just getting started:

You seem to hate gays, atheists, professors (the more educated the worse!), scientists, Hollywood, confident and strong women, and anyone you deem to be ‘The Elite.’

Are you sure you love America? Hmm.

You seem to hate solar power, wind power, legal marijuana, election reforms, infrastructure improvements, educational spending, the State Department, the FBI, the Justice Department, all three branches of government (whenever you aren’t in power), and you have particular hate for the Environmental Protection Agency. You hate the ACLU, early and easy voting, a woman’s right to her own body, and Universal health care for you and your fellow citizens.

You seem to hate vast amounts of our laws and traditions. You do not support the Separation of Church and State. You profess to love the Declaration of Independence, but you don’t like talking about Thomas Jefferson…and when you do you make up stories about his views on religion. You cherry-pick our history and mutate us into a religious country, something we are not. And never were.

You revere the ‘Good Old Days,’ but don’t want to talk about segregation, slavery, the accomplishments of unions and progressives, the startling difference between the budget problems of the GOP vs the Dems, or how high the tax rate for the top 1% was when we had a strong and growing middle class. If you love the ‘Good Old Days’ so much, why don’t you want to talk about it?

In other words, you don’t just seem to hate Today’s America…you hate Past America so much you lie about it.

You seem to hate the poor, the sick, the mentally ill, and the homeless. You seem to hate drug addicts (especially non-white ones), and you don’t seem too concerned about veterans. You seem unconcerned that our State Department and embassies around the world have been hollowed out and America’s standing has never been worse. You are unconcerned with college students in crippling debt, and you don’t seem too concerned about the health, wealth and well-being of Future Americans either.

In other words, all of your decisions seem to be based on You. On the Now. Your pocketbook. Your guns. Your free speech rights. Your religious rights. Your racial privileges. Your advantages.

So when you say that ‘Liberals Hate America,’ I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.

Liberals and Progressives gave us the weekend, ended child labor, protected our air, food and water, built our infrastructure, helped the elderly, gave women and African-Americans the vote, ended Segregation, created YOUR Medicare, and stood up to the actual powers that keep people like you absolutely swamped in debt and stagnant wages. And usually do it while balancing the budget far better than your leaders. And that’s scratching the surface.

The only thing you should say to Liberals is ‘thank you.’

But instead you scream they hate America.

You act like a child whose parent is being criticized, simply because someone is demanding change in a broken system.

Simply because your fellow citizen is demanding justice.

Simply because a football player doesn’t stand up when a British drinking song we changed the lyrics to is being played. In fact, you LOSE YOUR DAMN MIND over that and completely forget that’s why all of those men and women died PROTECTING OUR LIBERTY IN THE FIRST PLACE. You get it so twisted you think the kneeling football player isn’t patriotic…when in fact he has more patriotism in the cleats of his Nikes than you’ll ever have.

You spend a thousand times more energy fighting change than you do solving problems. You wrap yourself in the flag and declare yourselves the True Patriots. I’m sorry, I just do not know what in the hell you are talking about.

You detest almost all of what America IS…or was…or could be.

This is your idea of love?

So, Right-Wing/Conservative/Christian/Trump Voter/Self-Proclaimed-Patriot, I guess I don’t really have a question. To quote Monty Python: I’ve deliberately wasted your time.

I just wanted you to know that the next time you attack us for hating our country, we see you. We see you very clearly.